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welcome to BEBAGO & CO

Capturing your very special moments or any facet of daily life – that is what BEBAG&CO is striving for. Nurturing from over 20 years international experience in media, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and events provide our team the best knowledge and skills when it comes to Journalism & Photography.

You owe yourself life's most precious moments.
Own it!

Capture every memory.

Royalty, top leaders and politicians, red carpets, fashion catwalks, and events of any kind  – we have covered it all. 

Our highly-equipped and skilled team is ready to capture your most valuable and memorable moments – tailored to your specific needs or preferences! 

The professionals

Our Team

Our experienced team with an extensive background in Journalism and Photography has developed to  to more than 50 talented and passionate members across the globe over the years. A few core team members have been part of BEBAGO&CO since the founding years.

Dr. Benjamin Bhattacharya-Ghosh

Kiet Tran

Sohail Khan

Thies Baumgarten

Arian Amir

Klaus Albers

Sevim Bulutcu

Benjamin Knebusch

Nico Bahro

Stefanie Fritsche

Daniel Pelz

Puyan Kachani

Stefan Bartels

We’re proud to name a few of globally loved brands as our clients.

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